Our team has different fitness levels, does this matter?

Absolutely Not. This is a team event and all competitive levels are welcome regardless of if you are elite or just a social group who have never done an event like this before. What matters is getting out there and having fun.

What are the different categories and what are the prizes?

We will have Womens, Mens and Mixed categories. Place getters will get a medal and a trophy (that you will need to return next year as it is perpetual). We will also have some lucky door prizes.

Do kids run for free in the 1km Kids Race?

Kids aged 16 and under run for free in the 1km race held at the beginning of the day. They will still need to registered via the registration portal.

Can kids run in the main relay race?

Kids aged 10 and over can run as part of a normal relay team. In this situation they are counted as one of the 8 runners. Parents / Guardians are responsible for children at all times and must approve their registration via the registration system.

Can I pay the entry for the whole Team?

We have changed the registration process so that individuals register and pay for themselves (as opposed to Team Captains paying for and setting up a team).

Can the support rider also be a runner?

Yes. The support rider can also be a runner.

Why are you running it on the Labour Day Weekend?

We initially wanted to run the event later in the year but experienced in 2021 the risk of magpie season ! It was decided to run it earlier in the year and around the Labour Day Long weekend to give people a chance to get away for the weekend if they wanted to and enjoy the wonderful South Burnett region. This time of year also typically marks the start of the cross country season in QLD. What a great way to kick it off than a fun team race !

I want to get a group of friends together but we are all social runners. Is this ok?

Yes. Entry is open to everyone. Many teams just do it for fun with a goal of just finishing. Sure, there will be teams that will be out to win. The great thing is that all levels are welcome and we have structured the event in stages to ensure teams finish around the same time.

I don’t have a full team of 8, can we still enter?

Yes. The minimum size for a team is 5.

What defines a mixed team?

A Mixed team is defined as having one or more members of the opposite sex. Eg 5 females and 1 male (if the team size is 6), 7 males and 1 female (if the team size is 8) etc

Do I need To Separately register with Queensland Athletics?

No. Anyone can join a team as this year we have separate event insurance coving those who are not members of a QA or QRUN Club.

What makes our team Eligible for the QLD Championships?

All teams will be eligible for the championship. Your entry fee includes social membership to the Ashgrove Rangers Athletic Club (if you are not already a QRUN or QA Club member of another club) which means everyone is covered.

Do I have to pay for Lunch this year?

Yes. Based on feedback we have not included the BBQ in the base cost of a ticket. You can however purchase a burger and drink ticket via the registration system or on the day with card/cash.

Will the end of race BBQ support my dietary requirements?

We will do our best. Please outline your dietary requirements via the registration form and we will pass this on to the provider.

How do I buy a ticket for the ‘All teams’ Dinner the night before

You will be able to buy a ticket to the dinner via the registration system

Do you cover insurance?

Yes. Your ticket price includes all insurances required to run the event including personal injury insurance.

Where can I see a copy of the race rules?

We will email out the race rules to participants at least a week or so before the race event.

Why is the race in two phases with a break in between?

The purpose is reduce the spread of teams across the course and have teams finish closer together.

If the Event gets cancelled for any reason what is the alternative date?

The likelihood of the event being cancelled is very low (eg due to extreme weather), however if it does happen we would look to either running the event later in the year at a date TBC. Your ticket will be transferred automatically. Please see our terms and conditions for our refund policy.

When will I pick up the merch I have purchased?

You will be able to pickup all Mech on the race day.

I can’t make it now, Can I swap my registration with someone Else?

Yes. You will be able to transfer your registration to another person if you are unable to make it. Please coordination this via the registration system. If you have any issues doing this please contract us and we will help you out.