Our team has different fitness levels, does this matter?

Absolutely No. This is a team event and all competitive levels are welcome. Everyone is welcome regardless if you are elite or just a social group who have never done an event like this before. What matters is getting out there and having fun.

What are the different categories and what are the prizes?

We will have Womens, Mens and Mixed categories. Place getters will get medals and the teams that come first in each category will get a prize pack from our sponsor – Ballistic Beer !

Do kids run for free?

Kids aged 14 and under run for free in the 1km race held at the beginning of the day. If they are not members of a Queensland Athletics Club or a QRun club then a small $12 insurance fee is requested (as membership to one of those clubs automatically provides insurance as this is a sanctioned event).

Can kids run in the main relay race?

Kids aged 12 and over can run as part of a normal relay team. In this situation they are counted as one of the 8 runners.

Can I pay separately as a runner?

No. For simplicity, we only accept team entries with a single entry fee. It is up to the Team Captain to split the cost between runners. As teams can be between 5-8 people this cost may vary.

Can the support rider also be a runner?

Yes. The support rider can also be a runner.

Why are you running it on the Labour Day Weekend / Monday public holiday?

We initially wanted to run the event later in the year but experienced in 2021 the risk of magpie season ! It was decided to run it earlier in the year and around the Labour Day Long weekend to give people a chance to get away for the weekend if they wanted to and enjoy the wonderful South Burnett region.

The Queensland Athletics calendar is also quite busy this time of year and there is a cross country race being held a couple of days before (on the Saturday). Through consultation with Queensland Athletics and other Athletics clubs it was agreed to provide a day separation (Sunday) to give people who were running on the Saturday a rest day plus time to travel up to Kingaroy. We will survey runners at the end of the 2022 race and solicit feedback on this and make adjustments (if necessary) going forward.

I want to get a group of friends together to run but we are not part of a Queensland Athletics Club or QRun club. Can we still enter?

Yes. Entry is open to everyone. Please register as per the process. The only thing extra is that everyone will have to pay an extra $12 each in insurance. We will contact each person separately with the steps to do this. This insurance is provided through Queensland Athletics.

I don’t have a full team of 8, can we still enter?

Yes. The minimum size team is 5.

What defines a mixed team?

Any team with one or more members of the opposite sex.

Why do I need to get insurance separately if I am not a member of a QA or QRun club?

As a Queensland Athletics endorsed race all members of existing QA or QRun clubs are covered by insurance already. This avoids us double insuring and having to charge higher prices to cover this cost. We still however want anyone to be part of the event so to get around this runners and volunteers can register with QA directly for only $12. Please fill out the rego form and we will be in contact to those who are not members with the process. We will be confirming insurance coverage with QA of all participants and will check with Teams before running on the day.

What do I get for my entry cost?

Apart from entry to Queensland’s best Rail Trail Relay 😊 , you get a cool event T-Shirt plus lunch at the end of the race. The event is run by Ashgrove Rangers Athletics Club which is not for profit and volunteer based. Our aim is to cover our costs and any money left over will go towards next year’s event, club training equipment and subsidising our athletes travel costs who compete at the National level.

Will I be given a ticket to get lunch on the day?

Yes. Before the race starts, all Team Captains will be given tickets for each team member before the race starts. These tickets will entitle runners to lunch and a drink.

Will the end of race BBQ support my dietary requirements?

We will do our best. Please outline your dietary requirements via the registration form and we will pass this onto the Kingaroy Scouts who will be providing food for the event.

Can I join the BBQ if I am not in a team?

Yes. While runners are entitled to food and a drink (they will be given a ticket), anyone else can buy what they want. Please bring cash if you plan to do this.

Are kids entitled to a free BBQ lunch?

If kids (over 12 years of age) are running as part of the main Team event they will be entitled to the BBQ lunch as this has been factored into the entry fee. Kids who are spectators or running in the free race at the start of the day are not. You will be able to buy lunch from the Scouts bbq stand. The price menu is affordable and will have a range of options. Please bring cash.

Where can I see a copy of the race rules?

We will email out the race rules to participants at least a week before the race event.

Why is the race in two phases with a break in between?

The purpose is reduce the spread of teams across the course and have teams finish closer together.

If the Event gets cancelled for any reason what is the alternative date?

Our alternative date is the 12 May 2022. We will only move the date due to a government mandate (such as COVID) or significant issue (such as weather). We will provide a full refund to teams if they cannot make the new date. If for what ever reason the alternative date is not possible we will reschedule the event for later in 2022.

When will I pick up my T-Shirt?

If you register by the 21st Apr and provide your T-Shirt Size we should have enough time to have it ready. Our aim is to provide Team Captains with shirts on the event day. If for what ever reason, participants enter after the 21st we will have to organise an alternative means to get the shirts to you. We will do our best to make this work in the shortest time possible.

I am swapping with someone at late notice who has already registered and it is after the 21st April. Can I change the T-shirt size as they are a different size to me?

It is unlikely, but we will contact the T-Shirt printer and see if this is possible. Worst case you will either have to accept the original size (or the person you are swapping with) or pay for an additional T-Shirt to be made up. If this is your preference, we will just charge you cost price.