2024 Results


1Ashgrove Rangers Mens A Team22:15:21.64:42:56.4
2Ashgrove – Mens B12:38:57.05:29:19.2


1South Burnett Girl Nuts22:20:07.64:45:41.6
2Toowong OGs22:30:53.64:55:51.9
3Women with Altitude12:47:58.05:41:38.0


1Track Attack USCAC22:02:53.64:06:40.1
2Kingaroy Run Co 122:02:43.64:12:09.9
3South Burnett #112:27:30.04:57:36.6
4Kingaroy Run Co 212:24:22.05:08:24.1
5Ashgrove Rangers Mixed Team12:43:45.05:26:13.7

NEWS FLASH!! – Round up your teammates because the date for the 2024 South Burnett Express Rail Trail Relay has been locked in for Sunday, May 5.

We are back in 2024!

The South Burnett Express Rail Trail Relay is all about running, teamwork and enjoying this amazing part of Queensland.

Teams of 5 – 8 will battle it out on Sunday, May 5, 2024, over 60km of relay legs from Kingaroy to Wondai and return.

The concept is simple, one person per team will run each leg (average ~5km per leg) before tagging the next person. The first team back to Kingaroy wins!

A 1km kid’s race will also be held to ensure they don’t miss out on the action.

Sure, it’s a game of tactics and bragging rights, but at the end of the day it’s really just about a group of likeminded runners of all fitness levels getting away for the weekend and having a bit of fun. Hope you can join us in 2024!