Race Info

The South Burnett Express Rail Trail Relay is packed full of fun, teamwork and amazing countryside.

We are all about the fun of long-distance relays and think of no better location than the historic Rail Trail near Kingaroy.

The race has been run annually since 2021 and seen the field grow ! We have already starting planning for the next one in early 2023. Watch this page for details or follow us on our socials!

How it all works…

  • Teams of up to 8 battle it out over 60km (Kingaroy to Wondai and return).
  • Each team will have someone run each leg, they will then tag the next person etc.
  • The race will be divided into two phases. When the first team reaches Wondai we will stop for 45 minutes before recommencing the return phase back to Kingaroy.
  • The team in each category with the quickest time back to Kingaroy is the winner (Womens, Mens and Mixed categories).
  • For safety, each team will have a support rider (who can also be a runner in the team) who ride with their runner.
  • We have a welcome dinner the night before the race. It’s a great opportunity to be social with all teams over a steak and beer !

Course Overview