Race Info

The South Burnett Express Rail Trail Relay is packed full of fun, teamwork and amazing countryside.

We are all about the fun of long-distance relays and think of no better location than the historic Rail Trail near Kingaroy.

The race has been run annually since 2021 and seen the field grow ! Save the date – the 2024 relay will be held on Sunday, May 5. Watch this page for details or follow us on our socials!

How it all works…

  • Teams of up to 8 battle it out over 60km (Kingaroy to Wondai and return).
  • Each team will have a runner complete each leg, they will then tag the next person etc.
  • Teams will set off in waves from Kingaroy towards the turnaround point at Wondai. Start times will be allocated with the aim of having teams cross within “cooee” of each other at the Kingaroy finish line. Of course there will still be a winner. Our timing system will recognise net times.
  • The team in each category with the quickest overall time is the winner (Womens, Mens and Mixed categories).
  • For safety, each team will have a support rider (who can also be a runner in the team) who ride with their runner.
  • We have a welcome dinner the night before the race. It’s a great opportunity to be social with all teams while enjoying your evening meal.

Course Overview